Vote for Your Voice of Inspiration

I have BIIIIIIG news! In September, I went at last minute on an audition for a contest hosted by Ray and Vivian Chew.

Well... I am now a finalist in the Top 20 of the competition, and if I receive the MOST votes, I will get a singles deal from RCA Inspiration (the gospel music group operating under Sony Music that features powerhouses like Kirk Franklin, Israel Houghton and one of my idols Richard Smallwood) and the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall in December. This blessing has the potential to jumpstart my career as a singer-songwriter and recording artist, to share my voice and my music with the entire world. Please share this video and vote!!! You can also find the video on Facebook ( and Youtube (

Move quickly!!! Voting goes live TODAY, 5 November, at noon at, and it will be live until 16 November. ONLY YOU have the power to help me win! Please make my dream come true by casting your vote and inviting EVERYONE you know to do the same.


Please share this all over your social media! Thank you so much in advance from an aspiring voice of inspiration.

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