I am so honoured to welcome you to my own professional website! Woot woot! We are in the beginning stages of filling it to the brim with the rich content that you experience every week across my social media and even more so with a wealth of resources to get to know me better as an aspiring recording artist and writer.


Through this website, you have access to all things Dylywop-related, and I have decided to maintain a blog to share with you my own reflexions on various aspects of my/our life: religion, music, food, culture, music, waking up, going to sleep, music, self-motivation, being a party animal, music, being a professional… and so much more… and music! You can also find a full calendar of upcoming events and subscribe to a mailing list so that you can stay even more actively in touch with me as I journey onwards not in my profession but in my vocation as a musician, whose message is one to unite us all under one banner of hope, peace and love.


We are truly a family on this journey together to help me spread not only my message but also your own. Just as “a family that prays together stays together”, so an artist needs his fan base to grow and spread his good news to all the world. Please keep fighting for me, Dylywops! Let’s grow! Let’s teach! Let’s be! You are my voice, I am your voice, and together we can effect a change in our world.


If you know any potential (or closeted) Dylywops, please refer them to this website as a well-balanced antipasto to the full entrée that is the #dylanandthemusic craze. Bookings and consultations for my services are all available on here in addition to traditional e-mail. Also, encourage others to follow me on all my other social media (always searchable by the illustrious hashtag). Comment! Like! Share!


I’ll see you on Wednesday, Dylywops! Be the love!